Finding Your Most Important Love Language – Receiving Gifts May Be Your Primary Love Language

Love defines a wide range of positive and strong psychological and emotional states, from anesthetized love, the highest personal intuition, to the easiest greatest human desire. People fall into love for many different reasons, ranging from a long-lasting friendship to a sudden spark. No matter what the reason, falling in love seems to involve a number of positive mental and emotional states. Many people experience feelings of happiness, health, and contentment when falling in love, but there are also those who experience sadness, anxiety, fear and even pain.


The most important question to ask yourself when you begin to fall head over heels in love is this: “Ares this love?” Does the idea of being loved fill you with joy? Do you wish you were loved? When we ask ourselves these questions we usually get a clear answer. We recognize that the relationship is worth investing our time into. We may be just starting out in a relationship, so it’s crucial that we ask ourselves if we really want to be in love.

There are, however, five love languages and an even more general list of ways we feel when we’re loved. These can be broken down into emotional responses. Feeling loved is often experienced through our emotions; you might be feeling great when you first meet your partner, but then your feelings may change once you hold them in your arms and kiss them good night. You may feel great the first time you hold your partner after they’ve broken up with you, but then you might get butterflies when you hold them and kiss them. Other reactions include anger, frustration, jealousy, and even acceptance. While all these emotions and reactions may fall under one umbrella, they are still individual experiences.

When you ask yourself, how do you feel when you are loved you must also consider your physical responses. Can you feel the love when you receive physical contact from your partner? Does receiving physical touch mean as much to you as it does to others? How does it feel to receive physical touch from your partner? Sometimes people confuse physical touch and sexual touching, but when you are experiencing love you are not being sexually stimulated or wanting to experience sex, you are simply enjoying the special attention that your partner has provided.

One way to experience all the different love languages is to receive love in the form of romance. Romance is different for everyone, but it involves receiving gifts from your partner, being special in their eyes, and being invited out to dinner or to places where you can just sit and talk. Receiving romance from your partner may take some time, but if you’re not careful you can definitely begin to experience all of the love languages. Just remember that love languages are not similar; each language refers to a different experience. If you want to give your partner a romantic attention you should start with the physical love language. If you want to go out and just be alone, start with the emotional love language.

Lastly, asking yourself, “How do you feel when you are loved?” Is more than likely, you will receive love in the form of attention, romance, and even gift giving. If you ever ask yourself, “How do you feel when you are loved?” you should immediately begin to experience all the different love languages, but you need to be careful not to get too far ahead of yourself.

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