How to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Your Spouse

The most basic definition of love is defined as the desire for others and their happiness. Love encompasses an array of positive and strong emotional and mental states, from unconditional love, the highest personal virtue, the sweetest sexual pleasure, the best friendship, to the easiest pleasures. All of us share love with each other, but not all of us express it in the same way or for the same reasons. It may be that we fail to show our appreciation when another is happy, we can criticize without caring, or we can take advantage of our partner’s weaknesses.


Intimacy is the intimate exchange of feelings between two people, whether they are engaged in a romantic love relationship, friendship, or purely physical attraction. In romantic love, there is often an element of mystery and enchantment: lovers desire one another in spite of all appearances of sexual desire. Intimacy often takes place in a public setting such as a dance club or at a ballroom. However, there are other ways that intimacy can manifest itself in everyday life.

When lovers enter into a romantic love relationship, their emotions are at the fore, and it is easy to forget about comfort. However, if you cannot let your feelings be expressed in this way then you will never truly know true intimacy. Lack of communication is one of the main barriers to intimacy in a relationship. Not talking about feelings or sharing ones own thoughts and feelings is the biggest obstacle to true intimacy. If you want to feel safe and truly valued by your partner, then you both need to be willing to share everything about yourself.

Romantic love means more than just physical attraction. To truly feel loved, you need to share your feelings and be able to trust your partner. You have to allow yourself to feel safe being vulnerable and open with another person. Physical intimacy is meaningless if you are not able to feel each other’s emotions.

The other thing that causes problems in relationships is how our brains behave during loving experiences. In everyday life, there are many situations that cause our brain regions to fire in different directions. This causes a conflict between our feelings and brain activity. As a result, we get mixed messages as our brainwaves keep us emotionally busy rather than paying attention to our feelings.

It is important to always keep our brain working smoothly and allowing ourselves to experience love without interruption. Romantic love means being with someone else and sharing intimate moments. When our emotional state is consistently interrupted, our ability to truly enjoy this experience is diminished. When there is an understanding of the interplay between our feelings and brain regions, then a healthy relationship is easier to create and maintain. So, if you want your relationship to be a healthy one, learn to listen to your partner. Listen to what they are telling you and respond appropriately.

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