Gambling Games

This article is all about various categories of video games in total. See Video game, for examples. For non-game applications, see Game (ibliography). The point is that video games can have many sub-categories, including simulation, sports and puzzle, adventure, driving and more.


A very popular one is the dice-based video game. You have your basic dice rolls, and you roll them again if the dice fail. If you succeed, you move to the next level, and if you fail you go back to the beginning. The main article on dice based video games gives the rules of the game and explains how the game is played. For additional information, see main article.

Another type of gambling games is dominoes. These games are very similar to slots, with the only difference being that the player doesn’t have to press the button to change the amount he/she has in their hand, but rather, they must make a toss of the dominoes. Again, the main article on gambling games gives great information on playing these games.

Physical skill gambling games include bingo, blackjack and chess. Again, much information is provided, as well as how to play the game. For additional information on these physical skill games, see main article on physical skill gambling games. For example, bingo is played by placing the number of the bingo card in a corresponding place on the corresponding square on the board. Blackjack and chess also use a stack of numbered cards.

Another type of game is Crawford. It is a game of chance, where the player gets a set of dominoes and places them where they say they are. In the online version of Crawford, players use electronic tokens, or virtual money, to buy resources and make progress toward goals. Although it uses no actual physical currency, electronic currency may be used in the game, so players should be aware of this when using either real money or tokens.

Finally, there are three other types of game pieces that are used in different games. When playing chess, one player controls a group of pawns, and each player controls a group of castles. When playing bingo, a player must control a specific amount of “bids” (the total number of bids the players wish to make), and the “crows” are the individual cards dealt to the players. The last type of game piece is called the “king.” The piece that the player controls is called the “king.”

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