Is Intimacy More Important Than Just Being Intimidated by Someone?


Is Intimacy More Important Than Just Being Intimidated by Someone?

Love is one of the most powerful human needs. We all need love, to some extent. Love is the most powerful force on earth and the greatest force for creating harmony and happiness in our lives. We can give unconditional love, romantic love, familial love, or parental love. No matter which label we choose, love has a special meaning and power in our lives.

Love includes a whole range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the strongest religious feeling, the most sublime personal trait, the most intense interpersonal compassion, the most tranquil sense of well-being or even the tranquilest state of being. Some people might say that love is a feeling and therefore love would include the physiological feelings of love such as the feelings you get when you look at your spouse or mate. And others might say that love is a concept or an attitude. Still others might say that love is the combination of all these and then there are those who might say that love is in fact a substance or a form of life.

If love were in fact only a feeling then one could say that true love means to feel sexual desires for another person. True love would not exist if one were attracted only to his/her mate or spouse without having any sexual desires for another person. True love would exist only in the realm of feelings.

However, love is also not merely a mental or emotional emotion but is also a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience. Love is a state of complete and total satisfaction with oneself and with another person. In fact, love is a union of two separate beings into one integrated personality. To love another person means to be fully satisfied with another person’s qualities such as his/her kindness, intellect, character, and personality.

Love creates an atmosphere for two people to relate to each other in a deeper way than ordinary, carnal, physical relationships. True love promotes security, harmony, and strength in its relationship. It also creates a space for the two people to respect, trust, honor, and appreciate each other. In fact, intimacy actually serves as the well-being mechanism of a relationship. Intimacy provides us with the space to feel safe, nurtured, and validated as we come into a relationship with another person.

Loving another means accepting and loving yourself as well. This is because when you love another you not only accept him/her as he/she is, you also accept and love yourself. Thus, when your partner feels good about himself and starts to relate to you on a deeper level, it means that you’ve just created a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships foster healthy feelings. Intimacy, therefore, is important for building a satisfying, long-lasting relationship.

Casino Gambling – Tips on How to Enjoy Your Next Visit


Casino Gambling – Tips on How to Enjoy Your Next Visit

Online casinos, also called virtual casinos or online video casinos, are virtual versions of traditional brick and mortar casinos. They provide all the amenities and services that the real version has to offer. You can play all the popular casino games in a safe and secured online casino with better odds of winning. Since you cannot physically touch any cards or chips in an online casino, you take full advantage of the casino’s high-tech gambling technologies. Online casinos allow gamblers from across the world to place bids on games and make wagers.

The advantage of playing slot machines, video poker and other casino games online is that you do not have to travel to a land casino to enjoy them. All the action is taken care of over the internet in your personal computer. You can literally take part in the virtual world of the slot machines, video poker and other casino games while you stay at home. In addition to providing greater odds of winning, online casinos cut down on expenses. There are no taxes or service charges levied on online gambling sites. So even if you are on a tight budget, you can enjoy all the benefits of playing casino games via the internet.

There are many good options available for you to choose from, depending upon your preferences. One of the best options is Native American casinos. If you want to gamble purely for fun and entertainment, then this option is perfect for you. A number of great things are offered at the online gambling sites such as live streaming news and information, free games, and even contests and jackpots. Many people do not realize that there are more than fifty different gambling games available, including billiards, craps, slots, bingo, video poker, keno and roulette.

In addition to offering great entertainment and gambling opportunities for all kinds of patrons, Native American casinos also offer some excellent benefits to players. They have progressive jackpot amounts, and house edge amounts which mean that players stand a better chance of winning more money. When you consider the fact that most people will enter a casino with only a seventy-five percent chance of winning the jackpot, the house edge amounts add up to six or seven percent. Since most patrons do not see these amounts coming in, it is easy for them to walk away with more money than they expected.

Another great thing about the online gaming options at Native American casinos is that many of them offer players the ability to play without even leaving their chairs. This is very convenient for casino patrons who have wheelchairs or other special needs. Even if you are a senior citizen or have some type of impairment, there is always a room available for you in the casino that offers gaming options for those with impairments.

If you are a casino patron, it is imperative that you understand all of the security measures that are taken by the casino security. Gambling is simply a risk and everyone should take it. However, you can ensure that your gambling experience is one that is safe and enjoyable by simply knowing that the casino security is onsite to monitor the casino and the entrances. They will even stand by your table should you need assistance. You can enjoy the excitement of the game and feel secure in the knowledge that the casino security is around to protect you.