Is My Relationship Spiritual?


Is My Relationship Spiritual?

The word “love” is used in many ways to describe our unique feelings towards another person or a thing. Love is a broad collection of human behaviors and emotions characterized by emotional intimacy, commitment, passion, and devotion. It involves close proximity, caring, intimacy, devotion, and trust. Love can range from intense romantic love to platonic love, and sometimes it takes many years for love to develop.

There are many definitions of love. Most commonly, in Western cultures, love is used to describe intimate relationships that are based on sexual attraction. Some other uses of the word love include feelings of friendship, belonging, companionship, family bonding, attachment, devotion, and trust. Some other uses of the term love refer to a relationship in which one person develops a deep and lasting relationship with another, while other people call this a lifelong partnership. There is no clear-cut definition of love in either Western or Eastern culture.

When we speak of love, what we really mean is “the recognition of a mutual preference for our own characteristics.” We feel an emotional connection with another when we recognize their qualities and preferences. This recognition leads to feelings of love, friendship, trust, beauty, affection, tenderness, loyalty, devotion, and caring. Our lives are full of the wonderful feelings of love and all these relationships have an important place in our lives. However, love may also be experienced when one person does not feel the same way towards another. In this case, the non-love relationship can last for several days or months, or it may fizzle out after some time.

We can experience romantic love when we give and receive compliments, compassion for another person, desire another’s happiness, envy or fear of another’s greatness, concern and support when someone else is down, lack confidence and courage when things seem difficult, sympathy and support when others are depressed or losing their possessions, want someone to be their friend, wants to be physically close to another person, wants to share intimate details of their life with another person and sometimes even commit an act of infidelity. Romantic love is one of the strongest emotions felt by humans. It’s so natural that we often mistake it for Attraction. However, there is also an important difference between the two. While attraction is something that usually happens without our knowledge, romantic love is something that is often done by us subconsciously.

In order to understand whether your relationships are based on attraction or love, you must differentiate between emotional bonding and attraction. People tend to bond emotionally when they go through tough times and feel the support and care of a close friend. Love, on the other hand, is often felt toward another person as if they are our very child. We may have had a lot of disappointments growing up and feel a need to make up and create new relationships with someone who we feel will understand us. This longing for our lost childhood relationships often lingers behind in a form of attachment, which can create unhealthy relationships and can eventually cause our relationships to deteriorate.

If your relationship ends for any reason, remember that no one can replace their relationship with another. We will always carry the pain of the loss with us and feel the loneliness of not being involved in that person’s world. But, it is important to remember that true love is different from physical love. Physical intimacy is something that can easily be abused and given away. True love is the foundation for true friendship and everlasting bonds.