What Is Love?

The Greeks tried to define love and categorized it into 4 categories. These were storge, which is love among family members, phila, which is the love between best friends, and eros, which is the classical romantic love. Agape was the ultimate and highest form of unconditional loving kindness and is a reflection of the divine. But what is love really? And how can it be defined? Let’s explore this question in more detail.


First, love can be an emotion, an object, a principle, or a goal. Some people love sex, while others prefer a more impersonal and romantic kind. Both types of love involve impersonality and can be easily ended. Storage love is often regarded as a more mature kind of love and places emphasis on similar interests and open affection. In other words, storge lovers are trusting, self-reliant, and committed.

In Christian circles, love is a feeling. Rather than an action, love is an enacted emotion. Whether someone feels smitten or has never met them, the desire to be with someone is the same. The definition of love is complex and diverse, and this can sometimes make the concept of it more confusing. Luckily, there are several different forms of love. Here are three of them: erotic, storge, and spiritual.

Erotic love involves intense physical attraction and sex, but is not necessarily a relationship. It is not long-lasting, but it can develop into a lasting relationship. Passionate love is a passionate, emotional connection between two people. It can involve an idealization of the other person, and a desire for constant physical closeness. Lastly, there is storge love, which emphasizes open affection and trust, without an emotional attachment.

A deeper form of love is storge. This is a more mature and enduring form of love. It focuses on the quality of a relationship, and the ability to give undivided attention to one another. The person who is in this kind of love thrives on thoughtfulness. The relationship emphasizes effort and the willingness to work to achieve it. For a healthy, meaningful relationship, the two partners should be able to share their time.

The two forms of love are completely different. The first is storge, which involves physical attraction and intense intimacy. It does not require a commitment. In contrast, erotic love is characterized by an ongoing emotional distance and game-play. It is often difficult to commit and feels uncomfortable with endings. The second is erotic. It is the opposite of storge. It is also not based on sexual orientation. It is rooted in an emotional connection and a sense of caring.

Physiologically, love is a powerful emotion. It can make us feel elated or sad, or it can make us feel ill. A strong love is characterized by a feeling of loyalty, and a deep desire to please the other person. This passion will result in feelings of deep affection, which will ultimately lead to a long-term relationship. The more intense a lover’s feelings, the more likely they are to have an affair.

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