What Are the Three Stages of Love?

Love is described as a beautiful word that comes in the middle of the Roman alphabet, meaning “to gratify.” It is the feeling that one feels for another person, whether they are related to you by blood, friendship, or romance, it is the desire to spend all one’s time with that person, doing or enjoying anything that is enjoyable to the other person. There are a wide variety of relationships that fall under the heading of love, but the two most common are that of romantic and platonic.

Romantic relationships are those in which one feels emotionally attached and is ready to reveal almost every facet of their personality to one another. It is this feeling of intense emotions and connectedness that is the basis of love. Love encompasses a very broad range of positive and powerful emotional states, from the strongest, interpersonal instinct, to the deepest personal passion, to the simplest pure joy. There are varying degrees and types of love based on these general feelings. The most commonly shared ones are friendship, lust, adoration, parental love, parental fear and hate, and friendship/partnership.

The first feeling that all human beings experience is basic affection, or “chemistry.” The feeling of love between two people who are romantically involved is that of an intense desire to bond and be close to each other and share their intimate thoughts and feelings with each other. This is the most commonly shared emotion and is usually felt during the first few moments of intimacy that occurs when two people first meet.

The next emotion that is most commonly felt is love, although there are variations of this emotion depending upon the cultural and religious beliefs of the individuals. Many people believe that falling in love is a process that goes through several stages. At first there is only mild affection; the next level up is lust, followed by full lust, then jealousy and then finally infatuation, which can last for weeks, months and even years.

The next level up in the feelings of love is friendship, which is also a very strong emotion that often continues throughout a relationship. There may not be physical contact at first, but as time goes on the feelings will strengthen and become more intense. These deeper feelings will often lead to deeper emotions like love, while friendship is often considered to be platonic. When this deep affection does not subside, then this is a sign that it will not be possible to maintain a long lasting relationship.

The last feeling is anger, which is the most powerful of all the feelings of love. Anger is an instinctive reaction to something that one feels has been done wrong. For example, if a man feels that his girlfriend has cheated on him, he will be angry. This type of anger is considered to be “real” anger because it stems from a real experience that a human has had. On the other hand, sometimes this type of anger can take the form of passive anger if it is directed at the wrong person or if the individual does not realize that they have hurt someone. If the anger lasts longer than a few weeks, it can develop into an extreme type of hatred that causes people to feel uncontrollable.

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