Understanding the Feeling of Love

Love is an important emotion. It’s an experience that begins with positive emotions and commitment, and builds into a worldview that includes the beloved. When a lover experiences love, he or she becomes inseparable from the beloved and carries that perspective throughout the rest of his or her life. To be in love is to be free, centered, and safe. The feelings of love are often the most profound ones a person can experience.


Love has a complex definition. It can be understood as intense feelings of affection for a person or thing. In a romantic relationship, it can be defined as a strong predilection for a person or thing. Whether a person is a parent or a friend, love can be a very deep feeling. In some cases, love can be expressed as a physical bond and is often accompanied by a desire to spend time together.

The Greeks thought of a love called agape as love for the gods. Agape love is unconditional and is not affected by actions or circumstances. It is an innate quality that exists in all things, including a person. For parents, love for their children is often described as a form of agape. This type of attachment is unconditional and never ends. The object of the love is often the child. A parent’s care for their child is characterized by a deep affection for their child.

In other cases, love is based on an intense attraction to another person, with no commitment to that person. It may be temporary or last for a lifetime, but in many cases, it develops into a deeper and lasting love. Some people experience erotic love, and those who experience it are rarely committed and feel comfortable ending their relationships. Other people may find love in a relationship that is based on their moral convictions, their political beliefs, or their passion for animals.

The four types of love include infatuation and a deeper form of love. The former is defined as an intense physical attraction and is typically the first stage of a relationship. The latter, however, can grow into a deeper, more lasting relationship. There are also various levels of commitment in a relationship. A person who is infatuated with his or her partner can be characterized as infatuated. The latter is more mature than a sexually-oriented person.

Christian circles use several Greek words to define love. St. Thomas Aquinas’ definition of love is “to will the good of another person” and “to desire the success of another person.” This definition is what makes a relationship between a pair of people a relationship. In a romantic relationship, love is an unconditional love. This is why we are so infatuated with our partner. The most important type of love is a deep emotional connection to another.

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