True Love Through the Brain


True Love Through the Brain

Everyone experiences love at one time or another. For most people love means being intensely interested in someone, lust, or even just a passing interest. Often people confuse love and desire. Basically, love means to feel deep, intense emotions for someone or something more than just liking someone. True love is unconditional and undying.

Sometimes the confusion between love and desire is related to sexual confusion. In today’s society, we often confuse the two as if they were one and the same. For example, you may be sexually attracted to someone but you are not ready to commit yourself to them. On the other hand, you may have met that special guy and had your eye on him for quite some time but you are not ready to get physical with him.

So why do we need to understand spiritual love such as Jesus Christ has shown in the Bible? First, if we are to walk by faith we must walk in the truth, which includes love. This truth is that we all have free will to choose whether or not we are going to be sexually intimate. Therefore, there is no reason to make any distinction between love and sexual desire. All we are doing is confusing us.

The true love of Jesus Christ was so powerful that it was able to transform his Father’s spirit in order for Jesus to take on his human nature and live among us today. When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ such as the one that he shared with Pilate and his disciples, you will experience true self-love. You will have the ability to love and move beyond desires. When you have this ability, you will not fear the opposite sex because you will have found your “life partner.”

We can also experience romantic love when we are willing to share our lives with someone who wants to learn about our life and experiences. When you are willing to make someone feel important and loved you will come across as being very confident and secure in your own love. In this type of love the most important thing is that strong feelings of affection exist.

This is just one example of how true romantic love like that of Jesus Christ could be experienced through the brain. This is done through the emotional and spiritual areas of the brain. It must be noted that the emotional and spiritual areas of the brain are two completely different areas than the sexual. Jesus might say, “it is through the love of God that I became a greater lover of women” which clearly shows that sexual feelings and actions are not necessary to have true romantic love like that of Jesus Christ.

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