The Science of Love

The science of love is a relatively recent field of study. Philosophers such as Sigmund Freud argued that it was time to take this study seriously. Although he said it was a waste of time, he was merely stating that thousands of years of artistic expression and creative writing had already covered the subject. But even though the earliest explorations into love were controversial, most people agree that it implies strong feelings of affection.


There are several kinds of love, including sexual love, romantic love, and storge love. Some people refer to erotic or storge love as the type of love that is intensely focused on physical attraction and intimacy. They are unlikely to make a commitment and are often comfortable ending the relationship without any serious consequences. However, many people consider storge or’regular’ love to be a more mature form of love. It emphasizes the importance of similar interests and open affection. It is a sign of maturity as people who practice storge love are trustworthy and are not overly dependent on their partners.

‘Agape’ is a Greek concept that was considered to be the love of the gods. This kind of love is unconditional and never diminishes, despite the actions of the person. In other words, it’s a love that never ends, even if the person in question tries to end the relationship. This is a kind of love that is similar to ‘eroticism’, but without the’relationship’ part.

In addition to sexual love, there are various types of love, depending on how intense and how long the relationship lasts. For example, infatuation is often a short-term love, whereas passionate love carries with it a commitment. And both types of love are unrequited, in that the other person may not return the feelings that they have for the other. In this case, the person in question is not a true lover.

The different types of love are also characterized by the type of relationship. Infatuation is a form of love that does not require commitment, and usually develops very early in a relationship. Infatuation is an insatiable desire for the other person. The other person may not be interested in the same things, or have the same desires. In some cases, passionate love may be expressed in a more serious way, such as by giving gifts.

The different types of love also have different definitions. The erotic variety is more focused on physical attraction and sex, and advocates of this type of love rarely commit to the relationship. While they may feel happy with the relationship, they are not willing to risk their life. While erotic love is not the only type of love, it is the most common type of romantic love. Throughout history, this type of love has shaped our society.

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