Make Love Lost – Discover the Key to Love


Make Love Lost – Discover the Key to Love

Have you ever experienced love? You may not understand it but have you felt it? What is love? What does it feel like? All these questions and more are answered in this article.

Love encompasses a wide range of positive and very real emotional and physical states, from a sublime, ultimate virtue or divinely inspired good habit, to the easiest, most intimate emotional connection, the most passionate affection. In each of these states of consciousness there is always an element of reciprocity, or an expectation of return. That is to say, love is not the absence of either thought or action, it is the mirroring of the other person’s presence in some way. This is what love is all about. It is awareness of another person as an extension of ourselves, a common property shared by everyone.

Love has two elements: first, a desire or yearning, which is expressed in all affectionate actions and expressions, second, appreciation, which is expressed in thoughts, words or deed. Desire is the initial physical, heartfelt wish that arises in the heart of another person to be loved. This desire is then acted out, often by kissing, hugging, loving and being loved. However, although this may well be the best characteristic of love, it is only one aspect of it. Just as appreciation is also an aspect of love, so too is the fear of rejection, which causes the second characteristic to arise. Appreciation is expressed in outward acts such as showing affection and sharing with others.

We must remember though that love is not a feeling, although it is often mistaken for a feeling. Love is not lust; we are attracted by something that is not solid, such as a person or a place. We experience luster, or a glow, for a short period of time after we have fallen in love. The desire is fulfilled then and there is no need for further expression of affection.

In contrast, passionate love is expressed through our actions, whether it be overt or subtle, often in competition for another person or another thing. In romantic relationships we can tell quite easily when another person likes us and we are instantly turned on by them. Sometimes it takes a long time to notice or recognize a liking, but once it is noted, it carries over into every action of that person towards you. As a result, your feelings about them change, becoming more positive, even desirable.

To sum up then, if you want to make love lost, try to search back to when you fell truly in love, if you think you lost that feeling because you were too busy lusting after someone else, you are wrong. Look back to when you were most passionate, and try to recreate that now. It is possible, and it will help you get back in touch with that part of you that you once enjoyed so much. Remember, every old English translation is simply a way of reminding you that something was worth remembering and holding onto.

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