Love Vs Heartbreak: Is Love More Strong Than Heartbreak?

To describe love in one word would be difficult; there are so many different kinds of love, with their own unique attributes. The only way to really know what love is to experience it yourself. Love may come in the form of friendship, a special connection or feeling of oneness that fills you with joy. Another common definition is love for one self only.


When describing love to someone else, it’s easy to get mixed up in the idea of love being the central concept. Sentence examples tell this tale to make a clear contrast between modern days and an idealistic view of love in 1920s Italy where all love was accepted as a natural phenomenon. Lucia, a young lady staying with her Aunt in Pologne, fell in love with Flavio. True love was patient, kind, loving, courageous and always willing to help.

Flavio was well-known throughout Italy for his kindness, his genial manner and his musical talent which he was very proud of. One day Lucia went with her friend and teacher, Gabriella, to a concert which Flavio was to perform at. Lucia noticed that when they arrived at the venue, Flavio didn’t want to go alone, but rather had arranged with another friend, Luca, to accompany her. Lucia was deeply disturbed by this turn of events, as she felt that Flavio could not love her as he did other women. But later in the evening when they went for a dinner together, Lucia felt herself melting under the spell of this beautiful man.

Lucia’s feelings for Flavio had not remained concealed from her friends and relatives because they knew how much she adored and wanted him. When Lucia joined the social organizations in her city, she discovered that she had a great talent for music, which stemmed from her passion for music from her youth days. She thought of giving up her career to devote more time to her favorite art, which would have given her a greater sense of satisfaction and joy. All her relatives and friends urged her to give this a try, but Lucia ignored them. She believed that though her talent in music was undeniable, love would eventually come into play and she would be able to enjoy the music that she loved.

One day while she was listening to the radio, she came across an article which spoke about a man who had been cheated of his love by another woman. The article encouraged Lucia to go to her husband and tell him that she had indeed left him for someone else and that she loved him. The next day, she went back to her husband and explained the whole story. Lucia’s words and actions have changed the course of her marriage and she is presently enjoying a great relationship with her husband.

It is important to note that all of us are vulnerable to having a broken heart. Some people choose to overlook what they feel because they think that their feelings will subside naturally. That may be true for some people, but it is quite a sad reality for others. We may be blind to the pain around us if we don’t realize that there is a problem. The first step to healing any broken heart is to identify the cause of the problem. Once you know why you are feeling the way you do, you can then work towards finding a solution so that the pain you are feeling is no longer there and healing can begin.

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