How to Love – The Essentials of Love


How to Love – The Essentials of Love

Love has always been viewed by the faithful as the most important part of human life. It defines bonding, brings people together, unites families and leads to personal and professional achievement. Love encompasses a whole range of positive and powerful emotional and psychological states, from the highest sublime ideal, to the easiest natural pleasure, to the deepest personal bonding. The only problem is that all of us experience love in different ways, and on different occasions and in different quantities.

It’s interesting that when asked what love means to them, all of them would say yes. The word ‘love’ is used all the time, from advertisements to literature to song. In fact, it is used so much that we have developed a whole vocabulary to describe the different experiences of love: romantic love, familial love, maternal love, platonic love, ongoing love, lifelong love, loyal love, possessive love and many others. Even the dictionary gives several definitions of the word love. The following are just some of the most famous ones: desire, enjoy, attachment, love, friendship, affiliation, companionship, fun, harmony, dependence and non-attachment. As you can see, there are more definitions and similarities among these but what’s most important is the fact that everyone believes that love is the most important experience in life.

But what exactly is love? It’s a very subjective experience. Some people might define love as the emotional state associated with giving and receiving love or being loved, while others think of love as deep bonding or a special connection. Another way to look at it is by saying that love is the ‘intrinsic emotional feeling that comes before the physical feeling,’ which means that love does not have a place in a person’s being until it is given and received. But then, love can also take place without any relationship; that is, one person can experience love even if there is no relationship between him and another.

So what does love do? Love gives a person security, a sense of belonging and belongingness, an assurance that he will be safe and his needs will be taken care of, a sense of belonging and security. This is because love gives security through the absence of fear, threats, harms or any forms of negative feelings from other persons. In short, love is the feeling of being cared for and the expectation of receiving love from another person.

So how can we love? Love can be given through words or actions. A hug, a kiss, a comforting hug, a smile and any other forms of expression of love are great. Love can also be made into a deed or an action, especially by giving money or gifts to a person who you think that he or she really needs it. It is also possible that love can be created and then experienced to be real.

How to love is a very personal experience for each and everyone. Some people define love as the love of a mother for her child. Others define love as the love of one’s partner and others still define love as the love of one’s self and others still define love as the love of God and others still define love as a feeling. The point here is that love is a feeling inside a person that cannot be put into words and it can only be expressed in words.

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