How to Form Romantic Love With Another Person

Love is a great concept that has helped men and women reach their fullest potential. From earliest childhood, love has been associated with self-worth and achievement. The greatest love there is may be found within a family unit that values and respects one another. The best love is the love that grows from within each individual person.


Love encompasses a wide range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the strongest personal trait or good moral fiber, to the most mundane, intimate sexual experience. Many of the negative emotional states associated with love are a product of our cultural assumptions and dominant values. When love is defined in terms of physical affection and romance, it has often been associated with passive, unimportant human relationships. The power of love is most clearly seen when an intimate partner opens up to share their deepest secrets and allow themselves to be vulnerable and open to another person. Sharing the power of love is a very important step in the healing process for those who have been suffering from sexual abuse, violence, or addiction.

Love is also associated with spending quality time together. Spending quality time with your partner builds emotional closeness and trust between you and your partner. Achieving this goal between you and your partner is the ultimate way to foster intimacy and create a deeper emotional bond between you and your partner. While many assume that sharing time is meaningless and lacks substance, sharing time is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, as it allows you and your partner to experience and feel the depth and richness of being in love.

Achieving romantic love requires that you be honest with yourself about your desires for another person. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with that person? Will you be happy and contented with that person? Are you ready for the emotional, physical and spiritual pain and challenges that relationships with the opposite sex can bring? If you have any reservations about being intimate with another person, chances are you may need to make some adjustments to your thoughts, behaviors and actions.

When you meet your future partner and he or she asks if you’ve ever been in love before, what do you say? If you haven’t, chances are that you’re not ready for another person in your life. Pataky is the Russian word for “to belong.” Belonging to something means that you have accepted him or her into your life and given him or her the same affection and attention you gave to your pet. As with any type of pet, a cat, dog, fish or bird, a pet pataky is someone who belongs and will love you regardless if you choose to be with them or not.

Remember that when it comes to forming romantic love with another person, being open and honest with yourself about your desires and the kind of person you really are is the key to loving that person romantically. There is nothing more beautiful and wonderful than to find another person who loves you so much, and has the same deep connections to you as you have to each other. Be prepared for unexpected awakenings when you finally realize how much you love your partner and decide that you want to share your love with him or her. Pataky means “sleep together,” and is a great way to explore sharing physical intimacy with another person while also learning more about your partner’s psyche and emotional makeup.

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