How Do You Find True Love?

Love is one of the most common and deeply felt feelings that human beings experience. We all feel love when we are happy, sad, scared, tired, lonely, or just feeling in general. Love encompasses an array of positive and negative emotional and physical states, from the highest personal virtue or ideal to the lowest common pleasure, the greatest pleasure or laughter. For humans, love is a powerful emotion and powerful motivating force. It motivates us to act and respond to others and ourselves, it gives us pleasure and stimulates us, and it can tear our lives apart or heal us.


To love another person entails a great deal of emotion in a human being. The emotions of love are often complicated and subtle, the intensity depending on the relationship and its depth. This is because everyone reacts differently to their feelings, including how they feel about romantic love. Everyone experiences love in different ways, but there are some core emotions that are common among all types of love and that are important to human beings to be loving to another person. These are:

Healthy Love The definition of a healthy relationship is one in which both partners contribute equally to the happiness or fulfillment of each other’s needs. A relationship in which one partner does not benefit from the relationship is not a healthy relationship. Healthy love means that both partners share equal rights, responsibilities, and affections for the other. It does not mean that one partner is the sole caretaker or owner of the other. In a relationship where one partner suffers, the other partner usually suffers as well. In this type of love, both people receive equal happiness and fulfillment out of the relationship.

Healthy love also means taking care of each other, genuinely caring about the other person and having compassion for him or her. There is love in this type of relationship, and compassion for another person reflects positively on us. In a healthy relationship, you can truly say that two people are “one” with each other because they are sharing the same positive emotions with each other. If you know how to express your positive emotions to another person, then that person will know how to express his/her own positive emotions to you. If you don’t express your own thoughts and feelings to another, then that person will feel forced to express his/her negative thoughts and feelings to you, and this creates an unhappy relationship.

Unconditional Love The other most important aspect of a healthy relationship is unconditional love. Humans were created by God to be able to love each other unconditionally. So, people must learn to love themselves unconditionally in order to truly love others. This is a major component in healthy intimate relationships, since true unconditional love relationships do not involve any expectations of reciprocation of our partner’s expression of love for us.

I have shared with you just a few of the major factors that lead to successful, enduring, relationships. When we are in these relationships, our hearts overflow with love and happiness. However, it is still our daily actions that determine how much love we have. And if we find true love, then it will overflow in overflowing amounts – literally. Once you find your place in your partner’s heart, your relationship will become the kind of love that is there for a lifetime.

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