Game Types With Game tokens

A game is generally a structured, interactive form of playing, usually undertaken as a form of fun or entertainment, and at times used as a teaching tool. Generally games are different from work, which is often carried out for remuneration; and from art, which is generally an expression of philosophical or aesthetic elements. Many people associate games with children, but these have been around much longer than this. Adults are becoming increasingly involved in games as well, with the development of sophisticated consoles making the idea of ‘game sitting’ very accessible to all.


The main article deals with board games in particular. In this main article we will cover some of the major forms of board game, as they commonly come across our society today. These include:

Card Games – These are probably the most popular form of board game, requiring very little additional equipment. Each player is dealt a hand of cards, each of which may contain either cash food, land or gems. These are played by laying out rows of cards, each player then going round the table picking up cards from their opponents. When a player has finished laying their cards, they take them from the deck and form up the main playing areas in what is known as a ‘board game’.

Video Games – Considered by many to be one of the defining features of modern day console gaming, video games are played using highly complex and intricate game pieces. Although this can vary significantly, there are many video games that involve little more than a disc, controller and keyboard. In this main article we will cover the main titles that you may want to look at. These would include: Mass Effect, Guitar Hero, LittleBig Planet, Portal, Dora, Trainz and many others.

Strategy and Card Game Theory – As previously mentioned, strategy games require players to develop and implement game strategies in order to win. This involves the knowledge of when to attack, how to defend and when to fold. Card games on the other hand require players to apply game theory, where they determine the best (or worst) possible combination of cards to form the most powerful hand.

Physical Skill – Whilst strategy games can be purely about the skills required to play them, physical skill is required in other competitive titles. In chess for example, players must ensure that they have the right type of material at the right place at the right time in order to have the advantage over their opponent. In chess, these various pieces, known as pawns, also have value, with each being able to move a certain number of spaces depending on its position on the chess board. In addition to these game tokens there are also other factors which influence the outcome of a game such as the amount of time left to play (including clockwise and counter clockwise movement of chess pieces), the type of cards (being either a bishop, rook or knight) and the type of tiles which are present in the playing area.

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