Do I Feel Like I’m in Love? – How Does Love Feel?

Love is one of life’s great mysteries. Few things in this life can be measured in monetary terms, won’t be treasured forever, and can be universally understood. Yet love brings with it such a variety of emotions that it seems to take on a life of its own. Love encompasses a breadth of positive and even stern emotional and physical states, from our most sublime human emotion, the desire for love, the strongest religious belief, to the lightest, most mundane pleasure.

No two people ever experience exactly the same amount of love. This is because we all have different needs and desires. Our needs often line up where our partners do, but it can also happen where our partners do not, as well. When my wife asked me if I’d like to go out to eat this morning, I honestly didn’t know what to say, so I thought I’d share some insights with you in hopes of helping you find your own true love.

Love is also very personal, as it is to each person. My wife has always been extremely close to me, so much so that we were planning a vacation together once when I had just broken up with my girlfriend of eighteen years. The truth was that my lack of attention had led her to believe that there was nowhere else for her in my life. Once I took responsibility for my actions and showed her that unconditional love and intimacy were important components to our relationship, she found that she had nothing to worry about, and everything to gain from being with me.

When you’re in love, you are deeply connected to all of the other person’s feelings as well. When you are in love, you feel all the emotions they are feeling. Your emotions become your feelings, too. This is why when you’re in love you tend to be more responsive and compassionate than you would be otherwise. As your intimacy with each other increases, so do your feelings and emotions.

So, if you’re questioning, “Am I in love?” remember what you did when you were first in love. You responded with love instead of anger or resentment, and you gave your partner plenty of attention and emotional support at the same time. And remember what you felt after you let go of that negative view of your partner and they returned the favor? You felt completely healed, completely renewed.

In fact, when you are truly in love you can’t help but feel like it’s a gift, a kind blessing, a miracle, and the world is at your feet. You’ll feel like you’re the most important person in the world. You’ll feel like your happiness is paramount and your life is the most important life in the world. It will be such a miracle that you’ve fallen in love and that this act of sharing with another person is making such a difference in the world. It’s the best gift you could ever have, and it’s not about having children. Loving someone means loving your entire world and your existence.

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