Creating a Healthy Relationship – Love Making Tips

Love is one of the most difficult things to come by in life. If you want to create enduring relationships, it is imperative that you discover love at the right time in your relationship. After all, relationships are built on the basis of love. So, if you want to create long term relationships that produce mutually satisfying and loyal attachments you have to find love at the right time.


Love encompasses a whole range of positive and negative emotional states, from your strongest personal best friend, the lightest intimate feeling, to the darkest private nightmare. When we are loving, we are open and available to others. We enjoy our relationships with our partner and our friends and do our best to make the most of them. The level of intimacy in a relationship often determines its longevity and how well it is able to endure the stresses of daily life.

For many people falling in love is simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time. However, for others their love of a partner comes so easily that they begin to see love as a predictable reward, as if it were a tangible object that can be obtained and enjoyed. In this type of relationship people often take the other person for granted and focus far too much on their own needs and desires. In a fantasy bond the importance placed on a partner is conditional and not based on anything that can be measured in money or assets. A fantasy bond is more about building an emotional connection and trusting your intuition than it is about obtaining material possessions. So, while love in a fantasy bond may be easy, it is not easy at all.

To establish a loving relationship that will last, you must discover the state of the minds of the couple involved. Many times the starting point for a fantasy bond is the lack of closeness. Most couples live in fear of losing each other and detest intimacy. However, if you understand that closeness is something that you and your partner will work toward throughout the relationship, then the entire concept of a fantasy bond can be lessened and even eliminated.

One of the best ways to create a healthy relationship is through the development of trust and openness. This is most easily achieved when you realize that another person feels the same way about you as you do about them. If you become aware of that fact, then you are one step closer to forming a lasting relationship. Trust and openness will also make it easier to build strong emotional ties and as they grow you will be able to enjoy deep, positive emotions that can only come from a loving, mutually respectful relationship with another person.

After the discovery that your partner does feel the same way as you do, it is important to take actions that make it easier to share that information. By allowing your partner to know and feel what you feel, you will begin to draw deep from within and share that information with them. It is a difficult process, but will help ensure that you have a long-term relationship. Once you share your deepest feelings with your loved one, it will be easier to build intimacy. Intimacy, in itself, can bring about feelings of both love and lust, so it is important that you work at the relationship steadily.

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