Are You Present With Your Partner’s Needs?

Love is a complex and ever changing package of behaviors and feelings characterized by emotional intimacy, desire, intimacy, commitment, and reciprocity. It typically involves emotional love, caring, sharing, closeness, protection, intimacy, trust, and attraction. Love may vary in intensity at different times and can even change drastically over time. The good news is that love can be experienced and expressed even when a person is feeling sad or unhappy. This article provides six simple ways to communicate love:

o Expressing love involves being able to hear and respond appropriately to what another is feeling. This includes listening attentively, not interrupting or criticizing, and being prepared to hear the other side of the story. It also includes respect for the other person’s perspectives and feelings as well as being mindful to the wants and needs of the individual experiencing the love.

o Be open to listening to your partner’s thoughts and expressions. When you talk to your partner about love – or if you are too nervous or intimidated to do so – listen intently. Your partner’s expression is as important as what he/she is saying. Listening is an important step in building a loving relationship and when you are truly present with your partner’s love, you will know that it is already part of you.

o Being committed to meeting your partner’s needs. You should be responsive to what your partner’s needs are and be proactive in putting into place ways to meet these needs. When your love for each other is more of a priority than a chore, your love will come easily – and your relationship will become more fulfilling.

o Taking on the role of being a steward of love. When you accept your partner’s needs and show concern for them, your love will flourish. You will be able to take on your partner’s part of the relationship – which means love will blossom. And this will naturally happen as long as you are present with your partner’s needs and their happiness.

o Being an active, thriving, loving friend. Loving someone means supporting them in their efforts to attain their goals and dreams. When you are there to support your partner’s goals and their dreams, you love them more because you see that they are making successful efforts. This is another way that you are present with your partner’s needs – by being a good friend who is always there to lend a hand where they need it most.

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