A Quick Overview of Three Popular Gambling Games

A sport is simply a series of organized competitive human competitions with the goalposts being the ball. In a two dimensional game (like football), the competitors may only be on the field at certain times. Sports that fall into this category include tennis, American football, softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, motor ball, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, bowling, wrestling, and boxing. In a few sports, the only time that players are on the court are for a specific event; for example, in the Olympic Games, all athletes are there because they qualify for gold, rather than simply to compete.


One of the earliest known sports is chess. In fact, there are some who say that without chess, human history may not have advanced as far as it has. The game has evolved from being merely a way to pass the time during ancient wars between ancient civilizations; it has developed into a science and into an art form. And perhaps nothing has been more of a turning point for the world of sport than the growth of the National Basketball Association. Thanks largely to Michael Jordan, basketball became not just a sport, but a lifestyle as well.

One of the most famous games used in chess is the Rummy game. In this main article, one player stands on a chess board, attempting to defend the borders using one of their pieces (Rooks, Bishops, Queen, etc.). The other players, referred to as the “opponents” take the same piece, and place their pieces onto the board, one at a time, similarly to how an army forces an opponent to fight them one-on-one. If you lose a piece to your opponent, they have no choice but to drop one of their own to replace it. The main idea behind this game is that you must learn to defend your base, while attacking your opponent’s base.

The next two gambling games I’ll discuss are Texas Holdem and Omaha. In Texas Holdem, each player contributes cash to the pot before the game begins. The goal is to get as many cards as possible, with the exception of the King, to the losing team. You can play for simply “cash” or with “gambling” style points. As far as “gambling” goes, in Texas Holdem, each player has a deck of cards and can use any combination of seven cards, two queens, three kings, and any number of other cards that are in the deck.

Last, but not least on my list of the most popular gambling games are dominoes. Dominoes are very similar to Texas Holdem in that the goal is to have the most cards (including the King) to the losing team. For those who don’t know, dominoes are actually seven small stacks of cards that are all face up, in order from ace to king. In dominoes, each player gets three points for each card they remove from the stack, while taking the total number of cards they have from the stack. These points can sometimes be more than the winning team’s total score!

Dominoes, like Texas Holdem, are played using a standard deck of 52 cards. No matter which version of dominos you’re playing, remember that there are always three royal cards in a deck–the Ace, Queen, King. One way to increase your chances at winning is to always have an ace and a queen, as these cards are usually worth more than the rest of the deck. It is important to remember, though, that if you have an ace and a king out there, you only have five cards to go through, not the normal ten. If you keep this in mind–and don’t play for high-rollers–dominoes can actually be a pretty safe game, even for beginners.

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