What Is Love?


Love is the experience of feeling good about someone else. In the last 75 years, psychologists have begun studying love and defining it into different types. Some of the first theories about love are rooted in the teachings of the Buddha. Other ideas about love include commitment, friendship, and altruism. Some people may even define love as “the state of mind that allows us to act lovingly toward others”.

Love is a process that allows us to feel safe in our relationships. Love is a two-way street. You give and receive. The first step to reclaiming love is to give it to someone else. Taking risk and trusting your partner can make you feel safer in a relationship. Even if it isn’t perfect, love can be saved. If you aren’t sure if your relationship is headed for the rocks, consider seeking help.

Jesus wants His followers to feel agape, or compassion, towards one another. Love is a deep, abiding concern for another human being. It is the opposite of hate and is rooted in the Triune Godhead. It is the expression of the divine will. A dog lover may care deeply about his dog and love him unconditionally. But if his dog feels loved and cared for by his owner, the two are a perfect match.

The process of love begins when a person feels positive feelings about someone they find attractive. It also begins with commitment, and builds a worldview of both the lover and beloved. During the course of love, the brain becomes overwhelmed with positive emotions. Love can be a train wreck. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will be worth the wait. The more you learn about love, the more you’ll understand why your relationships often end in disaster.

People in love don’t make plans for letting someone go. They include their partner in their lives, from vacations to living arrangements. They feel more like extensions of each other. They support their partner’s journey and essence. This is an important sign of true love. There are countless signs that you’re in love. These signals are all too easy to miss! You’ll be surprised how much you can enjoy together! And if you can make these signs happen, you’re probably in love.

Although love has long been a subject of study, it has only recently been given its place in scientific research. Sigmund Freud argued that love was a subject worthy of study, and had thousands of years of artistic treatment. Despite this, early explorations into love met with considerable criticism. Some even labeled the efforts as a waste of taxpayer money. However, as we know now, love is a universal emotion.

There are four main types of love. The most common are romantic and platonic. In romantic relationships, the latter is more important. In platonic relationships, people love each other based on common interests. These relationships are called storge. It is not uncommon for partners to share these feelings for years. They may feel the same way about each other. In some cases, they even share similar values. However, erotic love is still a form of love.