Computer Games

A game is basically a structured form of playing, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as an educational instrument. Games are quite different from work, which generally are carried out only for monetary remuneration, and in comparison to art, which is essentially an expressive expression of aesthetic or philosophical ideas. But the two kinds of games are often interchangeable. The structure of a game usually includes goal attainment, a sense of completion, relaxation, social interaction and competition among players, with the last being the most important element. It is an act of skill and strategy, without which no game can be considered to be successful.


Games arise because of the need for perfect information, for example in war. An army must know its enemy’s tactics and strategies so that it can successfully fight it. To win battles, the army must deploy its forces properly, take good positions and inflict heavy casualties on its enemies if need be. In order to do this, soldiers must develop a keen knowledge of their enemy’s tactics and strategies. This is exactly what we call “game theory”. This knowledge is developed by the military through extensive research, the results of which form the basis of military tactics, the study of which gives rise to the concept of games theory.

In a two-person game like hide and seek, the game theory states that one player is always better than the other in a head-to-head game. In a two-person game, where each player possesses a complete set of tools (all visible to the other player), such as guns, knives, lanterns, etc., the best strategy is to have someone ready to shoot at an invisible target, provided that such a target can actually be found. In other words, one player has to prepare to shoot at something, while the other player has to prepare to shoot at something invisible. It is this idea of game theory that underlies many of the tactics and strategies used in two-man games.

As technology has advanced over the years, computer games have also improved. Computer games, particularly those that are free to play online, give players a whole new experience in game play. The graphics are very life-like, the sounds are crisp and clear, the action is fast and sometimes even thrilling, and a player’s ability to use his skills to the fullest is challenged to his utmost ability. All of these factors combine to provide an exciting gaming experience for millions of game enthusiasts all over the world.

Board games such as Monopoly have been modified over the years to become computer games, and are now played in the millions by people of all ages. The board game has also been changed to allow more complex interaction between players, due to the use of electronic mail and internet networking. The internet has also given rise to several multiplayer browser games, including Pokemon, Second Life, Family Feud, and Scrabble. With every new generation, there comes a new board game that can be downloaded to a personal computer or a gaming console, allowing millions of people to enjoy playing these highly competitive games online.

The rules of the game are simple: get the highest score by scoring the most cards, using any card combination that fits your strategy. However, because the game has always been a one-sided game, winning is not always easy. For instance, in the popular game of two-man zero-sum games (where each player is given two cards), winning takes skill, strategy, and the ability to judge when to keep and when to discard. A player may have to wait for his opponent to discard cards before he can discard his own.

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