The Largest Casino


The Largest Casino

A casino is usually a facility for all kinds of gambling, not necessarily betting on the same game. Casinos can be built adjacent to resorts, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, retail shops, theme parks, and many other tourist attractions. Casinos can also be known for holding live entertainment, including live music, stand-up comedy, theatrical shows, concerts, and sporting events. Many people attend casino events for the atmosphere alone; the thrill of the slot machines is enough to get most people out of their seats!

There are many laws regulating the operation of these establishments, most of which are found in the Internal Revenue Code. One of the most important pieces of this code is the Real Estate and Casino Gaming Enforcement Act of 1994. This piece of legislation has implemented the Gambling Control Act and the Anti-Gambling Devices Act, both of which are important components of the casino industry. The main article below deals with some more detailed information on these two pieces of legislation.

The Real Estate and Casino Gaming Enforcement Act regulates the operations of all American gambling establishments, including online casinos. This piece of legislation makes it illegal for a person to operate a gambling facility if they have neglected to pay the required tax to the Internal Revenue Service on their profits. Any gambling establishment found to be in violation of this law is immediately shut down and may be penalized with a fine up to and including jail time. Many state officials, including those in California, have made public statements warning against gaming enthusiasts visiting either online casinos or live casinos in the state.

The Real Estate and Casino Gaming Enforcement Act also makes it illegal to operate any gambling device on or offsite in a casino building. Although technically this includes any slot machines inside the casino, the language of the law is broad and includes video poker machines, electronic slot machines, video poker games, video poker machines in casino dining areas, lounges and bars, gaming tables, and even promotional advertising material for casino businesses. Although some jurisdictions have added “gambling devices” to their laws to specifically define slot machines and video poker machines, other jurisdictions such as California have not, so American gambling law is extremely hazy on this issue.

One other piece of legislation has been proposed to restrict and regulate online gambling, but so far none of the United States Congress have brought it up to their attention. A proposed bill, introduced in Washington by Representative Barney Frank, would ban all online casinos from using funds from the United States government to run their operations. The United States government is prohibited from providing personal monies to any offshore gambling institution, including those that operate in the US. Although the legality of the proposal is questionable, the casino lobby has pushed hard to have the bill passed so it can’t be voted down in committee.

Gambling has long been a great escape for Americans. It’s important for Americans to understand how gambling affects them, both financially and mentally. Americans should vote with their dollars and not be influenced by lobbies that would like to limit or eliminate casino gambling. If you have a chance to chip in to help, why not go ahead and do it. You’ll probably end up being a big winner at the casino!